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Explore Our State-of-the-Art Sustainable Power Solutions

Available power systems with capacities ranging from 5kW to 25kW and the ability to set up and support multiple power cabinets, we can help you tackle almost any size energy application.


Aimbridge Energy Microgrid

Easy installation and easy operation, manage your energy distribution between renewables, AC grid, and battery.

Aimbridge Energy ESS

Redundant, high-capacity backup power systems with VRLA, Lead Crystal, or Lithium-Ion battery options.

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Aimbridge Energy DMX LED light Fixture Drivers

Managed lighting solutions with our proprietary, distributed light drivers and cloud-based controls.

Intelligent User Interface

Our easy-to-read touchscreen provides real-time feedback regarding the overall state of the system.

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Copper Backplane Design

Our integrated copper backplane provides high-current capacity and easy component hot swap capability.


What makes Aimbridge Energy
products different?

Energy Capacity

Modular, Safe, Scalable — From 105Ah to 1920Ah... or more!


5kW to 25kW with modular, hot-swappable components designed to easily grow with your home or business energy needs.

Generator &
Solar Ready

Feed DC loads and charge batteries from nearly any source: solar, wind, generator, or utility.

Safe & Sustainable

48VDC system voltage is touch-safe and below SELV safety limits. Load wiring and management is safe, easy, and doesn’t require an expensive licensed electrician to perform.

Solar Panels.png

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