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Aimbridge Energy

Easy installation and easy operation, manage your energy distribution between renewables, AC grid, and battery. 


5kW to 20kW

Energy Capacity

8.6kWh to 51.9kWh

Low Voltage


Your one-stop-shop
smart energy solution:
The Microgrid 

Our Aimbridge Energy DC Microgrid packages provide power system capacities ranging from 5kW to 20kW and the ability to create multiple power cabinet configurations. Our intelligent Energy Management System ensures you have control over choosing your most reliable energy source, day or night.

Your ultimate high-tech home

or business starts with the Microgrid.


Easy configuration capabilities

Modular power conversion components are configured in a redundant and hot-swappable system that allows for easy capacity scaling.

Components can be added, subtracted, re-configured, and serviced without downtime.

Three Primary
Energy Storage Topologies:


Energy Storage 
Topology 1: VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid)

Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries offer rapid recharge and discharge capabilities and can last a very long time. These batteries have a wide operating temperature range making them ideal for varying climates.


Energy Storage Topology 2: Lead Crystal

Lead Crystal batteries also have a very rapid recharge rate and are good for thousands of battery cycles. These batteries are highly recyclable and are so safe and clean they can be transported easily as non-hazardous material.


Energy Storage 
Topology 3: Lithium Ion

Lithium-Ion batteries are smaller than other batteries and pack quite a bit of power even in their reduced size. These batteries also support higher voltages so can be used in systems needing more capacity. 

State-of-the-art software to maximize
energy production

All operating power parameters are measured, monitored, and controlled by an embedded computer.

User-programmable software "decision engine" maximizes energy production, energy storage, power routing, and grid-interactive revenue maximization.

Multiple systems can be paralleled together and controlled as a group.


Buck-Boost System

Modular, hot-swappable buck-boost DC-DC converters provide regulated 48VDC output to direct DC loads.

Multiple 48VDC outputs provide feeds to direct DC loads such as LED lighting, POE (power over ethernet), IT network equipment, DC-AC inverters to support AC legacy loads.

The buck-boost system provides DC-DC conversion voltage step down when energy storage is charged and boost voltage step up when batteries are low or discharged to maintain regulated and accurate 48V load support.


Rugged & Practical

Rugged, welded steel cabinet structure designed for Seismic Zone 4 compliance

Safety covers and panels allow for protection from power connections but also access for qualified installation and service personnel

A small footprint with a vertical configuration allows multiple power cabinets to be parallel in small spaces

Energy storage cabinets are available to mount adjacent to the power cabinet for additional energy storage resource capacity

Power distribution cabinets are available to mount adjacent to the power cabinet for both direct DC and AC power distribution to facility-residence loads

Safe but Powerful. Independent yet Connected.

Over 30 years of experience designing sophisticated, world-class energy solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our unique, cost-effective options for your independent energy needs.

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