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Transform your home with
renewable energy

Aimbridge Energy systems are built to be energy source agnostic. Our battery storage solutions connect to renewable energy sources as well as the standard utility grid.


Independent energy in the comfort of home

Increase the efficiency of your solar panel system and leverage additional benefits for your home by integrating your solar panels with a battery storage solution.

Solar batteries offer more control over your energy consumption and allow you to store your solar energy for when you need it most, day or night.


Solar to battery
to appliance

Tying back
to the grid

  • Power from solar, generator, grid, etc.

  • Battery storage of captured power for immediate or later use

  • Power distribution to connected appliances as needed:

    • Lighting

    • DC Powered Appliances

    • Tech Equipment (via POE)

    • HVAC Systems

    • EV Charging Stations

  • Battery recharge support via grid-tied connection in the event renewable energy sources are diminished or unavailable

  • Take advantage of utility incentives for energy "sell-back" to the grid

  • Maximize utility rate savings by tying back to the grid when rates are at their lowest


Power Where and When You Need It

  • Aimbridge Microgrid power systems allow you to enjoy energy independence when the grid becomes unreliable

  • Use your battery stored energy to power AC or DC appliances, computers, or even your car

  • Full EV charging support to make sure you have the freedom to get back on the road quickly and reliably

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