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Energy storage solutions for businesses

Empower your business by creating redundant, scalable power systems independent of the grid. Whether you are wanting to cut your energy costs or create fully redundant back-up systems, Aimbridge Microgrids have you covered.

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The Aimbridge Microgrid Advantage

Energy storage or battery storage solutions are battery units that are installed on-site to offer businesses a means to store and discharge electricity at specific times, operate independently from the grid and offer backup power when needed.

Aimbridge offers a full turnkey solution for battery storage solutions, including analyzing your business and its suitability, specifying the best technologies, and designing your system and installation.

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Core Business
Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

You need to keep your systems running regardless of weather, grid outages, or other unforeseen events.

The Aimbridge Microgrid can become an integral part of your BCDR plan by providing consistent uptime when everything else goes down.

  • POE for IT devices

  • Emergency lighting

  • Reliable lighting uptime for designated mission critical areas

Whole office zone control sensors & intelligent room settings

Take advantage of our intelligent Energy Management System to control your lights, security systems, and internal climate settings by setting automated schedules. 

Systems can be controlled by direct appliance programming or remotely via our smartphone app.

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Analytics Software
& Reporting

With access to full graphical Key Performance Indicators for your business, you can quickly determine whether your energy management goals are on track. 

View and customize your charts, graphs, and datasets to track your system's uptime and overall performance. 

Intelligent solar
array buildout

We will take full advantage of your rooftop space by creating a detailed solar layout specific to your building. We will maximize your system's energy output with strategic solar placement allowing our battery storage system to operate reliably - even when the sun is not out.

We work with the best solar installers in the business and make sure you get the most from your roof.


Let's power up your business.

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